Catalunya – Barcelona – Spain




The Catalunya Circuit has been enjoy by thousands of motorsports fans since its inception in 1991. With a prime location just outside of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Barcelona, the track has witnessed some of the best international motorsports events, national championships and outstanding endurance races that the world has to offer. It has also become a venue for the several of the most important motorsports events in the world, including the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Catalan MotoGP Grand Prix. The Catalunya circuit is a three-time winner of the coveted IRTA Best Grand Prix trophy, which is awarded on a points system with categories including rider safety, trackside officials and medical facilities. Fulfil your passion for speed at one of the best designed circuits of the recent era. The circuit presents an exciting combination of fast straights and 13 twisting turns, giving you an adrenaline-fuelled ride.

Circuit length: 2.892 miles

Petrol: Yes

Pit Garages: Available

Catering: Available
Noise levels: 105db
Power: Available
Groups: 4 groups
Animals: Not allowed
Children: Allowed
Camping: Available
Start Times: 9 am- 6pm
Requirements: Full repatriation insurance required, Full zip together leathers, Helmet with ACU gold standard, Age 16+