MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limited) Terms and Conditions


The hire charges are as follows: Premium Bike £295, Standard Bike £250. These charges are per motorcycle, per day.

The hire charge includes delivery, meet-up at the circuit, all running costs inc. fuel (UK events only) and maintenance to the motorcycle, with customer care and attention to the hirer or party, with refreshments available.

IMPORTANT: Track day organiser fees, helmets, leathers, boots and gloves are NOT included.


An excess crash deposit of £550 (cash only or bank transfer, payable on the day) is required, for the Premium and Standard bikes, for all UK and European events. This charge is per motorcycle, per day.

The crash deposit will be returned to the Hirer after the event and only when the motorcycle is returned intact and in its original condition of hire.

If the motorcycle suffers some damage an amount, up to the maximum crash deposit, will be used to repair it.

If the Hirer has a minor incident and incurs minor damage to the pegs/levers, or paintwork etc., only the cost of the replacement parts will be deducted from the deposit.

If the damage is more severe then the entire deposit will be retained.

At our discretion, following any incident on the track, we will endeavour to make another machine available for use. N.B. For the avoidance of doubt, an additional crash deposit may be required in such circumstances.

The Hirer's damage liability per machine is limited to the value of the crash deposit(s) as stated above.

Payment Terms:

Booking/Payment is via our website at Provisional bookings will be held for 24hrs from the date/time of the enquiry. All provisional bookings will be returned to our calendar, if not confirmed within this period.

If the Hirer cancels a confirmed booking more than 30 days before the event, a refund, less a 15% administration fee, will be made or may be retained as credit against future bookings.

Full payment must be made at the time of confirmation via our website at

If the Hirer cancels less than 14 days before the event, only 25% of the hire fee will be refunded.

Cancellations, 7 days or less before an event, will result in the loss of the full hire fee.

Track day Insurance:

We strongly recommend that you arrange suitable insurance to cover your track day experience. As a suggestion, special insurance is available at, who offer essential Insurance cover for Motor Track Days (amateur not competitive) whether it be in Europe, the UK, or anywhere else in the World. Cover is available to EU Nationals, and at extremely competitive premiums.

Other conditions:

  • The rules and the signs of the circuit owners must be obeyed at all times.
  • The rules and conditions of the Track Day Organisers must be obeyed at all times.
  • The motorcycle must not be removed from the circuit at any time.
  • The Hirer must not carry passengers at any time.
  • The Hirer must not adjust/maintain the motorcycle without first consulting with us.

The Rider agrees and accepts that: in the event of a motorcycle breakdown caused through no fault of his own, his sole and exclusive remedy against MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limited) shall be limited to (and at the sole option or discretion of MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limited) either a refund, determined by reference to the period remaining at the time of the breakdown, calculated on a pro-rata basis, or repair or the use of a replacement motorcycle, but that any costs for travel, accommodation and subsistence etc. will not be refunded or otherwise payable to them under any circumstances.

The rider understands & agrees that his crash deposit will be charged up to a maximum of £550 per rider, per motorcycle, per day for any damage, however caused, to any motorcycle provided by MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limited) whilst it is in his custody, possession or power.

Details subject to change:

If circumstances beyond the control of MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limted) force us to do so, MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limited) reserves the right to, without prior notice, make any changes deemed necessary to facilitate the Ride and/or any other service obtained by MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limited) at the request of the Rider or customer.

These rules are there to protect your own and other circuit users' safety and to ensure the day runs as smoothly, enjoyably and safely as possible.

MFM Track Bikes (MotoFotoMotion Limited), 22 Mead Lane, Buxtead, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 4AS Registered in England: 10084273