Donington Park

Circuit Summary

At the centre of the UK, Donington Park is a major international Grand Prix class motor racing venue that hosts both track day and driving experience events. The Donnington Park circuit dates from 1931 when Fred Craner, a garage owner from Derby and amateur motorcycle racer, persuaded a local farmer to allow motorcycle racing on roads around his estate. In 1939 the army requisitioned the site and racing did not restart until 1977 after acquisition of the land by Tom Wheatcroft, another local businessman. The original Melbourne Corner was not in the area acquired in 1971 and the current Melbourne Loop was added in 1985.

Circuit Information for Donington Park

Circuit Information

Donington race track is a circuit of two halves - a very technical series of sweeping bends, followed by a series of short straights separated by slow corners. The section through Craner Curves and the Old Hairpin is a good place to experience the difference between world-class riders and the also-rans, and the Melbourne Hairpin is a favourite for last-minute out-braking action. The circuit variations include and National and Grand Prix layout on which you can take part in bike track days. These are run at various time throughout the year and are a great way to experience your vehicle on a real race circuit.


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